Artificial intelligence predictions

3 AI predictions for the near future (and how they’ll shape your work)

Alexa, call home.” “Siri, what’s the name of this song?” “Google, how do I make homemade ice cream?”

Whether you’re talking with an automated bot to pay your insurance bill or finding your way around town thanks to Google Maps’ AI algorithm, AI continues to make more inroads into life with each passing year.

In fact, 79% of Americans say they already use some form of Artificial Intelligence in their daily lives.

But what about the future? Here are five predictions on new ways AI will shape the world around you in the near future.

Self-driving cars have arrived, are you ready?

Good news, Knight Rider fans. Self-driving cars are more than just your 80’s childhood fantasy. In fact, they’re already on the road. You’ll likely be shocked by how fast society adopts the self-driving car. Many are projecting full-scale adoption for ridesharing services by 2020, starting with well-mapped city centers and expanding out in increasingly larger circles over time.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Two years from now.

Where will this lead? Many analysts predict the entire concept of car ownership will be turned on its head in favor of an enterprise-based ride service model as the cost and availability of ridesharing increases thanks to AI-powered self-driving vehicles. Imagine how much more productive your morning commute to work will become!

Service robots will automate your home and business

You may already have robots such as Roomba to clean up after you. And obviously, virtual assistants automate small tasks every day. But these solutions may pale in comparison to the AI-augmented house of the future.

While current problems with perceptual algorithms mean you won’t see full-on robot assistants in the near future, cloud-connected artificial intelligence devices (including those you already own) will begin to share data. Eventually, they’ll start to learn from each other in ways that will make them far more effective at meeting your needs.

And with the Internet of Things  (IoT) growing at astonishing rates right now, there’s no telling what systems around your home or business they’ll be controlling in the near future…

Facial recognition will be the new passcode for your finances and devices

That’s right, AI-driven biometrics will make your face the new credit card and barcode. It may even validate your driver’s license. There are literally a million ways this can go, but one of the more intriguing possibilities is that you may no longer need to stand in line to purchase items at the store.

Simply pick up your items, and AI will use your face to automatically charge them to your account.

It might sound like nonsense, but the merger of tech and retail, as evidenced by Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, ought to make you wonder where it all will lead.

Only the beginning

There are a ton of new and innovative ways artificial intelligence will shape our business and home lives in the near future. Data analytics, virtual assistants, automated tasks… AI is here to stay, and it will transform the way we live and work. Are you ready?

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