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3 key areas technology fuels business growth

In a way, you could say that technology fuels business growth. Without it, a business will struggle to get very far. In fact, it might struggle to get anywhere at all (which is obviously a no-go).

But why exactly is this? What about a business does technology have the most impact on and why is it so important to growth?

Well, to narrow that pool down just a tad, here are three areas technology can be used to promote business growth.


Mobility is an interesting topic. There’s always the question of whether or not you really need it (which often depends on what industry you belong to). But the thing to realize here is that it can’t exactly hurt your business — it’s better to have the capability than to not have it all, especially when we’re talking a growing business. (And mind you, this is all for the sake of competitiveness.)

With mobility, you can capture opportunities outside the office and work from just about anywhere. But this means a few things.

For starters, you need access to data (and easy access — not the oh-gosh-where’d-I-put-that-one-thing-from-that-one-place kind of access). Secondly, you need access to the same software you use while you’re at the office (which typically means you need cloud-based solutions). And lastly, you need devices … because you can’t really work if you don’t have a connected device.


Obviously, efficiency is important to any business. But to grow your business, you need to take that efficiency of yours and make it even more efficient. And technology is the simplest way to accomplish this.

For example, with web-based collaboration apps and project management software, your team can stay on the same page, move through tasks quicker, and manage communication strategically. And with technologies like virtualization and cloud computing, your company can reduce operating costs, speed up the implementation of new software, and scale with ease.

However, every business operates differently — which means a collaboration app might not do anything for your business and, likewise, virtualization may not be suitable for the type of business you run. This being said, it’s important to leverage technology strategically, which is a lot easier if you have the help of an IT Consultant or a Managed Service Provider.


Whether we’re talkin’ efficiency, mobility, or any other random facet of business operations, communication can have a major impact on it.

For example, to be more efficient, you need streamlined communication processes to keep everyone in sync. And to be mobile-friendly, you need devices, apps, and tools to encourage open and consistent communication. This all works together to create a collaborative environment that promotes choice and simplicity — which ultimately has a hand in the way your business grows.

For many businesses, the technology needed to perfect internal communication can get quite intricate (and, oftentimes, overwhelming). But to start things off, it’s important to have the following:

  • Video capabilities
  • Internal messaging
  • Intelligent email platform
  • Modern voice solution
  • Central team platform

If you can integrate these tools into your daily operations and then find a way to unify them, your business will be that much closer to unrestricted, 21st-century communication.


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