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5 smart gadgets to complete your home office

It’s no secret. Working from home can be difficult. But worry not, these 5 smart gadgets are sure to make working from home a little less challenging.


Not only is this little guy cute, but he’s intelligent, too. Very intelligent.

CUJO connects to your home router to protect every gadget connected to it — from baby monitors and phones to tablets and cameras. Think of it as a “smart” firewall or the defender of your Internet of Things (IoT).

This particular gadget is easy to set up and even easier to manage. All you need to do is plug CUJO into your router and install the CUJO app onto your phone. Anytime a threat attempts to cross your firewall, your phone will instantly receive a notification.

On top of this, CUJO also gives you the option to monitor which devices are accessing what (which comes in handy if you have children).  

Smarssen SmartPen

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Smarssen SmartPen is the simplest way to digitize your notes. Unlike other SmartPens out there, you don’t need custom paper for this technology to work. Any paper will do just fine.

Attach the pen’s receiver to the top of your paper and start writing. Through Bluetooth technology, your notes will automatically sync to your connected device.

An LED indicator light on the base of your pen will display its battery status — with a full charge lasting up to 60 hours (the receiver lasts up to 10 hours at a time).

The SmartPen comes with a receiver, a charging cable, and two sets of pen refills.  

ASUS ZenScreen

While this isn’t exactly a “smart” gadget, it is a smart idea.

Most people who work from home (or simply out of the office) typically find themselves working with a less-than-satisfactory screen size. From time to time, it’s nice to have the option to expand your range of view. The ASUS ZenScreen can help with that.

This gadget is portable and compatible with most any laptop or desktop computer. It comes equipped with a foldable case and can easily fit into any laptop carrier, large purse, or messenger bag.

When you’re in need of multiple screens, simply connect your device to the ZenScreen with a USB Type-A or Type-C. The ZenScreen automatically adjusts to screen orientation, so you can use the screen in landscape or portrait mode.

Increase your productivity from home with a full HD panel, 1920×1080 resolution, and intelligent blue light filtering.

Nano Heated Wireless Mug

Let’s reiterate. Working from home is hard. It’s full of the tiniest distractions that nag at you all day long. The more you can remove these distractions, the better off your productivity will be.

This includes your coffee addiction.

With the Nano Heated Wireless Mug, your coffee, tea, and other heated beverages will remain at that perfect temperature for 45 minutes at a time. This 16-ounce, beautifully designed mug will help you avoid the constant cycle of “dump-refill-dump-refill.” And in the process, you’ll waste less time (and less coffee).

The Nano Mug can be charged with a USB cord from your car, home, or desktop computer, or it can be charged wirelessly with a connected charging device.

Lumo Lift

How your body feels during the day matters — whether you’re at the office or working from home. If your body hurts, then it’s only natural that your productivity will hurt, too. The Lumo Lift can help you maintain your posture throughout the day and improve how your body feels in the process.

Attach the Lumo Life tracker to the inside of your shirt, and every time you slouch, the tracker will gently vibrate. Aside from slouch notifications, the connected app will also provide you with visual reports and simple tips and tricks on how to improve your posture and avoid bodily aches and pains.

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