Bad web design repels people

People’s first impression of your company is often from your website.

Your website builds credibility

Upon visiting your website, people will judge it and your company immediately and make a decision to stay or leave. Your bounce rate (the number of times someone leaves your site after only visiting a single page) will increase (that’s bad) if people don’t like the design or get frustrated and confused by the navigation.

Bad Websites Repel People

Think about it. You’re often willing to sit through a bad television commercial if the remote is all the way on the coffee table, or if you’re positive your show is coming back on right afterwards. With the internet, however, the user is in complete control. You have your mouse and keyboard at your fingertips, ready to take you away from websites unworthy of your retinas.

Television commercials have 30 seconds to leave a lasting impression with potential customers, but websites have less than 3 seconds. Often, you need to attract and inform people before they read a single word.

Think of your website as a full time sales person – it needs to be friendly, informative, and easy to communicate with. A stunning and purposeful website design helps create that relationship between you and your online audience.

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