Baton Rouge Web Design & Development

Baton Rouge, Louisiana web design & development

Web design & development in Baton Rouge

Most of our employees are from Louisiana and have attended local high schools and colleges. This is our home, and we want to help our neighbors succeed by providing quality web work at a fair price.

Web development goals

Part of our web development process seeks to fully understand the needs of your project before moving forward. This allows us to design an appropriate layout and develop a simplistic interface for you to manage content. People judge your company based solely on your website, so let our design team give you a powerful web presence.

Fast-loading web pages

People will go somewhere else mighty fast if your website takes too long to load. We avoid this issue by doing a few things:

  • Let CSS markup do gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners, etc. instead of images
  • Gzip files on our servers to reduce file size
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript files to reduce number of http requests

Open-source solutions

WordPress, Magento, and other popular open-source CMS frameworks allow us to deliver a quality website that you can intuitively manage. Development time is also reduced since we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each site.

We want to work for you

Our number one goal is to help businesses in Baton Rouge succeed. We keep up with modern web design and development trends, coding techniques, and related softwares. We perform proven search engine optimization to websites to help increase search result rankings. Take a look at our web portfolio to see samples of our work.