The 6 must-haves of business technology

Technology makes a world of difference when it comes to business. Incorporate the right business technology into your daily operations and you can grow bigger, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible.

But what exactly do these technologies look like? Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Here are 6 technology must-haves every business needs to move forward.

A better conversation is the key

It doesn’t matter what industry a company belongs to, how many employees work for that company, or how much money that company makes in a year. Solid communication will always be a must.

Without communication, a company can struggle to do even the most basic of functions – anything from scheduling and organizing to tasking and client management. But the thing about modern communication is that it should involve multiple levels. In other words, you need to go above and beyond the phone and an inbox.

Ideally, you should incorporate the following tools:

  • An email platform that automatically archives, sorts, and syncs
  • A voice solution that allows you to go anywhere, with any device
  • An instant messaging tool that allows you to chat internally with coworkers
  • A team platform that allows you to manage tasks, documents, and entire projects
  • A video solution that allows you to chat face-to-face with clients, remote workers, and partners

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A working infrastructure is ideal

It’s hard to run a business if you’re constantly jumping in and out of technology issues – for example, an out-of-order computer or an uncooperative phone system. These are the types of things that need to work well, so you can successfully handle business. If they don’t, then you’ll suffer in more ways than one – namely in areas such as customer service, operational efficiency, and team morale.

To avoid these negative situations, it’s important to keep your hardware in prime working condition. Again, since you’re trying to run a business, the best way to do this is with ongoing support. Typically, this is where a Managed Service Provider comes into play. With an MSP, you’ll have access to things like dedicated IT support, routine hardware maintenance, and automatic upgrades and updates.

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A team platform is where it’s at

Sure, it was briefly touched on earlier, but a team platform is important enough to have its very own section. With a team platform, a lot can be accomplished. For starters, you can usually manage a project from beginning to end. And this goes for any type of project – from marketing collateral to employee appreciation events.

You can also manage individual tasks – whether they belong to a project or not. For example, you can handle the assigning, scheduling, and completion of tasks like client billing or customer service requests. On top of all this, many team platforms – like Slack and Trello – allow you to share documents, message others, and create groups from within your team. This can all result in greater collaboration, simplified communication, and hassle-free workflows.

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A cybersecurity strategy is a must

This cannot be stressed enough. A business should not exist without a cybersecurity strategy. Without something in place, it’ll only be a matter of time before your business becomes a victim of a malicious cyber threat. At this point, the consequences will vary. It can be anything from a stolen file to a cleaned-out database, from a computer virus to a crippling network-wide infection.

Whatever it ends up being, there’s a chance that you will lose money, lose clients, and, quite possibly, lose your business. Because of this, you must work with a professional to establish a multi-faceted cybersecurity strategy. This should include everything from anti-virus and anti-spam to employee training and network audits.

A mobility mindset is the right mindset

Back in the day, sitting at your desk for 8-12 hours a day was simply how things worked. Nowadays, the more you can get up, get out, and work from anywhere, the more opportunities your business will find. In other words, mobility matters. And it matters a lot.

This means you need to incorporate two major things into your daily operations – connected (and secured) devices and cloud-based applications. Do this, and your employees will have everything they need and more to work from just about anywhere. Couple this with a communication platform like VoIP and nothing will hold them back.

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A solid support system is a plus

Technology is a major component of any business. The better it is, the more of an opportunity you have to do bigger things and to reach larger audiences. And this should be obvious – or, at least, it should be at this point. You did just read all of this.

This being said, it’s important not to go at it alone. If you want your technology to work for you, then you need to seek out the help of a professional who knows how to pair business with technology. This should be a company that can provide guidance on the planning, implementation, and maintenance of any IT upgrades, adjustments, or expansions.

Someone like us.

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