mobile-friendly business collaboration

Five mobile-friendly tips for greater business collaboration

In the modern workplace, it’s vital to enable business collaboration among your employees. Mobile collaboration can lead to increased efficiency, employee happiness, and massive savings of both money and time. Here are five mobile-friendly ways to make it happen.
mobile security tips

4 tips to keep your mobile devices more secure

Online scams that target mobile devices have become more popular in recent years. You can protect yourself and your mobile device from online scams, eavesdropping and malware by following these four mobile security tips. It only takes a little effort to protect yourself from data and identity theft.
A mouse pulls another mouse away from a mousetrap

6 incredibly simple ways to avoid online scams

Online scams come in many forms, and they have the potential to cause big problems for your small business. The damage they cause can mean losing data, money or even your reputation. Use these six methods to avoid these scams entirely and protect the safety and security of your company.
content filtering on devices protects data

4 ways content filtering will benefit your business

Content filtering has become an essential tool for businesses to increase productivity, improve security, avoid HR problems, and save money. You can leverage content filtering to protect your company and reach your daily business goals.
Data loss affects SMBs

3 real-world examples of data loss

Here are 3 real-world examples of data loss and helpful suggestions on how to avoid those situations in your business.
Offsite backup data center

5 reasons offsite backup should be a business requirement

Onsite data storage might be a solid way to keep your company’s data safe in the short term. But what about the long-term? Here’s why an offsite backup solution matters.
guide to avoiding spoofed emails

Email spoofing 101: a quick guide to protecting your business

The term spoofing refers to the practice of imitating or replicating a legitimate email address in order to gain the email receiver's trust for nefarious purposes. We want you to be protected. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to protecting your business from spoofing attacks.
You need offsite data backup for business continuity

3 reasons offsite data backup is a must

Data loss kills businesses.That’s not an assumption, either. There are countless examples of companies who’ve lost their data and closed up shop as a result. In fact, 60% of SMBs who lose their data will close within six months. We’ve got you covered. Here’s 3 reasons offsite data backup is a must.
Artificial intelligence predictions

3 AI predictions for the near future (and how they'll shape your work)

Whether you’re talking with an automated bot to pay your insurance bill or finding your way around town, AI continues...
business intelligence trends

5 business intelligence trends shaping the future today

Big data’s rise cannot be denied. Recent improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence...