How IT Change Can Affect Your Business

Throughout history the world has experienced several eras of radical technological transformation – the Renaissance was one such period, and the Industrial Revolution is a more recent example. When historians give a name to our era, it will likely reflect the transformative innovation we see around us every day that may come to dwarf every other golden age in human history.

The internet has changed our world in ways that we’re still trying to understand, and the other technologies of the digital age are transforming our personal and professional lives in ways that our parents and grandparents couldn’t have comprehended in their youth. Unfortunately, as the rest of the world progresses, many businesses neglect their own technology while their competitors continue moving forward.

If you haven’t worked with an IT consultant or managed service provider recently, there’s a good chance that your business could be suffering in ways you don’t notice. Here are just a few ways that changing up the way you treat IT affects your business:

Outsourcing IT Saves Money and Drives Value

Of companies who are currently outsourcing in some capacity, more than a third say they are looking for some kind of value beyond cost savings. This mentality is driving managed service providers to become innovators that offer cutting-edge products and services so that outsourcing IT isn’t just convenient for budgetary purposes – it also has a profound effect on the way your business operates.

IT services save money for your business by eliminating inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your workflows that cause some of your employees to deal with mountains of work while others have hours without anything to do. Value is added when your business uses these solutions to become more efficient and effective than ever before. So what are some of the ways a managed service provider can change the way you work?

Workflow Automation Saves Time and Sweat

You probably manage your workflows pretty traditionally, but adding some technological reinforcement could significantly streamline the way work passes through your company.

Workflow automation isn’t a miracle solution, but it does provide a structure to the workday that many organizations lack, providing a conveyor belt of sorts that keeps tasks moving through your business without micromanagement. When your workflow is flowing, you can stop worrying about whether and how work is getting done and focus your energy elsewhere.

IT Support Unlocks Policies that Improve Employee Morale

The best employees are the kind that love coming into the office and genuinely enjoy their work – they take pride in the things they do and naturally strive to provide great customer service. Workplace morale is an important thing to keep an eye on, and bad IT can have a serious negative effect on employee happiness.

Conversely, implementing certain enabling IT policies can make employees happier. Allowing the use of personal devices in the office, for instance, is a great way to make employees feel more invested in their work, but effective implementation of BYOD is difficult without first migrating your business’s data to the cloud.

At Immense Networks we understand that every business is different, and you have unique needs and challenges that call for custom solutions. We’d love to discuss what you want to do with your company and how professional IT services can help you do it better, faster and sooner. Just get in touch today and we can get the ball rolling on a solution for you.