Managed IT Security

Family is Everything and Managed IT Security Protects your Work Family

You’re a small to medium-sized business, you have a staff of maybe 50 employees at the most. You know every one of them as close as your own family, closer even. These are people that you care about and want to see prosper both at home and at work. These are people that you want to protect while they are a part of your office family. Without your work family, your business is merely an idea. But is your family really safe? You ask yourself, am I protected from cybercrime?

That is where managed IT security steps in. Your IT infrastructure was up to par when you first started out. But with business growth and the advance of time, while your IT network may have remained the same malware has never stopped advancing. Phishing scams and ransomware can find new ways in and hold your company hostage. Your work family’s livelihood is now at risk and your company progress comes to a halt. Don’t let hackers and ransomware threaten your family. Managed IT security can build the newest and most complete network security needed to protect your employees.

Why Managed IT Security is Necessary for Protecting your Work Family

You may have already contemplated outsourcing IT to a managed services provider, but when it comes to ensuring network security there is no reason to delay. After several years of operation your company’s IT infrastructure is showing its age. Your IT network needs hafe grown more complex, with more of your work family’s information vulnerable to the world outside your office. It is not a question of if but when a breach in the wall will occur. You cannot afford to put your employees’ security on the line.

Utilizing managed IT security through a managed services provider (MSP) offers you a range of network security benefits.

  1. 24/7 cybersecurity in operation

Turning to managed IT security ensures constant and comprehensive office network security. A managed IT services provider custom builds an IT infrastructure suited to your company’s needs. This network is monitored ‘round the clock and regularly tested for weaknesses. Any possible holes in the perimeter are spotted and fixed before they cause trouble. Your family’s security is complete and assured at all times.

  1. Compliance risk assessment

A managed IT security firm identifies priority risks to your company, possibilities you may never have considered or even heard of. Your IT security is built around these risks based on your policy and regulatory requirements, to maintain protection for your most valuable assets. Contingency plans and disaster recovery plans are also prepared should something possibly go wrong.

  1. Backup and recovery

God forbid something does go wrong though, managed IT security has this eventuality covered. In case your servers are attacked, a managed IT services provider has backup servers ready to go, and any critical data or information that could potentially be lost is always safely maintained in some form. Regardless of the situation, your business is still in operation and your work family is safe.

The Importance of Managed IT Security

Your staff are the most important part of your business – they are your family. Without ensuring their security, your business cannot run smoothly. They cannot be distracted by the concerns of losing their private or corporate information or constantly patching holes in your IT network.

When you need to keep your business family safe, put your trust in managed IT security for complete coverage and peace of mind. Give Immense Networks a call and let’s work together on keeping your family safe.