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How Your Company Can Benefit from Managed IT Services

Companies rely on technology to support their operations, but when problems arise things can quickly fall apart. Here are a few of the benefits to having a managed IT services provider.

Less Downtime

Problems can occur in IT with little warning, and the unexpected downtime can be costly for businesses. However, with a managed IT services team on hand to steady the ship as soon as something goes wrong, downtime can be kept to a minimum.

And for those who think downtime isn’t an issue, consider this: A recent Forrester Research study commissioned by BCM Software found that routine IT problems equated to more than $100 billion in lost productivity among Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, a second study from the Dutch University of Twente found that on average, companies lose around eight percent of their staff’s productive work hours each year due to issues with IT.

Integrate New Technology Faster

Businesses that invest in new technology hardware or software want to get it up and running as quickly as possible to get a return on investment. However, modern technologies around big data and business analytics are extremely complex to install and maintain. Hiring a team of in-house IT personnel to take care of these things doesn’t come cheap either.

For small- and medium-sized businesses, a managed IT services provider is a better solution. With experts on hand 24/7 at a flat, monthly rate, your business can remain up-to-date.

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

The well-documented rise of ransomware attacks on businesses means that no organization is safe from catastrophic cyber attacks. Ransomware and other advanced threats can compromise a company’s valuable data, crippling its ability to do business in the meantime. A managed IT services provider can help you deal with a variety of security threats through proactive measures.

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