iFixIT SEO Case Study

iFixIT offers smartphone repairs in the Prairieville area. Their budget only allowed for a single-page site design for credibility, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was critical to advertise to users searching their services on the web.

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Current Marketing

iFixIT operates in Prairieville on Airline Hwy where they have placed a banner near the street for visibility. A website must be implemented to provide credibility and further information for customers seeking their services from home.

Focused Content

Search engines love unique, focused content. The best way to focus content is to spread services across multiple pages within your website; each page is then focused solely on one subject matter.

Single Page Website

iFixIT’s upstart budget allowed for a fresh design but only one page, introducing a potential problem for focused content. We must fine-tune the list of targeted keywords for this business.

Website Design

iFixIT needed a clean, focused design. Ideally, a potential customer would drive down Airline Hwy, see the sign, and visit the website for credibility and information. The site needed to be memorable, trustworthy, and professional.

iFixIT website design

Keyword Targeting

To maximize placement in search results, we focus on a specific niche – geographical location. iFixIT markets specifically to local customers needing quick, local smartphone repair, and they want customers to ultimately visit the store.


Users have become accustomed to searching the web for local businesses by including their location in the search request (i.e. “baton rouge web development”). We combine Prairieville, the physical location of the brick/mortar store, with highly popular services and words to geotarget local customers.

HTML Markup

The markup on iFixIT’s single page website is also important. Title tags, headings, and other markup must be considered to properly gear the campaign towards certain keywords.

Title Tags

Title tags are great for defining the overall content on a page. They should be specific and relevant to the content within. We target popular smartphones that users may type into search engines.

iFixIT title tags

H1 heading

Each web page should contain only 1 H1 tag, usually referring to the overall contents of that page. We use “Prairieville mobile smartphone repair” as the overview keyphrase of iFixIT.

iFixIT H1 tag

Subheadings (H2, H3)

Subheadings are used to categorize subsections on a web page. This information is considered more important than regular content on a page, but it is given less priority than the H1 text. We use subheadings to organize services, helping search engines index the content correctly.

iFixIT subheadings

SEO Results

The website went live on September 27, 2010. As of today, October 12, 2010, the site is indexing in search engines very well for the targeted keywords. iFixIT is ranking #1 for several of their services when joined with Prairieville, and it is ranking well even when joined with Baton Rouge, though Baton Rouge is outside the scope of this campaign; a focused campaign for Baton Rouge is scheduled for the near future.

Note: All screenshots below were taken in Google Chrome using incognito mode and not signed in to any Google account to help eliminate biased search results.