Immense Networks rolls out new website

Immense Networks website

Multifaceted web experience

Our site is accessed by different types of people for various reasons.

  • Developers, system administrators, and typical users find helpful information in our technology blog
  • Current clients visit our site to start remote support sessions with a support technician
  • Potential new clients find our site in search results and want to learn what we’re all about

Simplification for better user experience

Our new main navigation menu and overall site structure focuses on the core services we offer to Baton Rouge; each section provides concise and meaningful descriptions of our products and services.

Available support technicians

Our current clients rely on the convenience of clicking a support technician’s name at the top of our homepage. This has been carried over into the new website and tucked under a new Available Techs button to reduce clutter and provide focus for all users.

Latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques

We have been tinkering with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques for some time now, and this site builds on that foundation. New elements (such as header, nav, & aside) help search engines understand the meaning of your content more semantically. They also offer enhanced options for people accessing the website from mobile devices.


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