Service and Delivery

Immense Networks Service and Delivery Initiative – Service Desk Improvements

In our new service desk support workflow, emails sent to will receive a reply with the option to answer three questions or request a callback.

Here is a screenshot of the email you will receive:

Screen shot of received ticket

Option one, “Answer 3 questions,” is a simple way to increase the priority of your ticket. When you click the green button, it will take you to a ticket support form.

Here’s a screenshot of the form:


Ticket Support Form

Here, you’ll have the option to edit the form and provide us more information that will, in turn, help us resolve your ticket more efficiently. This feature allows you to include screenshots, so we can quickly pinpoint the issues you are experiencing.

Here is an example of the information we receive on our end:


Screen shot of Immense's View

By creating this workflow, our goal is to resolve issues as quickly as possible the first time. Want to see the workflow in action?

Here’s how the ticket request process works:

Support Workflow


Contact us to learn more about our service and delivery initiative.