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ImmyBot: The IT maintenance tool your business needs

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At Immense Networks, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the technology our clients use. In an effort to deliver fast, consistent experiences across all your workstations, we developed ImmyBot. We’ve hand-built this tool in-house from the ground up, and it’s like nothing any company has seen before. Here’s what it can do for your company.

Monitor performance.

The right technology can take your business far, and fortunately, we live in a day in age where things largely work, until they don’t. Performance degradation is often subtle, but a strong indicator of pending failure. Often users don’t notice or may not complain until it’s too late.

ImmyBot solves this problem by seeking out underperforming computers and providing you with a monthly email of your top and bottom performing computers. To help you make the best possible decision, Immy looks up who uses the machine, when it was purchased, and when the warranty ended. This interactive email includes a button to approve our recommended course of action, as well as a budgetary price.

In other words, one simple click is all it takes to avoid underperforming, less-than-optimal technology. It doesn’t really get any easier than that. And rest assured, ImmyBot will never perform any maintenance work unless it has your permission, and you will always receive a follow-up email once the approved work has been completed.

Maintain your computers.

Ensuring that your users have safe, fast, and consistent workstation experience is our top priority. To keep your users safe and highly functional we task Immy to update Windows, and all third party software once a week. Immy shoots you an email before he does any work on your computer, allowing you to postpone maintenance from anywhere. During this time, Immy will also ensure that any company specific software is installed on your computer. When he is done, he sends you an email with the results of his work.

With the ImmyBot at your side, basic computer maintenance like updates and new installs are completed automatically. This proactive, behind-the-scenes approach will keep your computers up-to-date and perform as they should.

Once all weekly maintenance has completed, you (the decision maker) will receive an easy to read roll up of all maintenance performed. Using this, you can easily see the state of all your workstations and feel confident that everything is under control.

Set up your workstations.

Perhaps the most tedious task of all is setting up a new computer. Hunting down installers, finding license keys, and waiting for updates to install is cruel and unusual punishment. Luckily, ImmyBot already knows what software to install, and what license keys you used. During onboarding, ImmyBot discovers who in your company gets what software and we ensure he knows how to install it. He already knows how to install dozens. Setting up a new workstation is set it and forget it. He takes new computers from box to desk in under 2 hours, letting you know his progress along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom-built maintenance tool or if you’re interested in receiving ImmyBot services, give us a call or send us a message. We’d love to chat.