Magento special price still showing after expiration

The problem

After much research, I can only assume this special price issue not working properly is a bug in Magento. The only accepted solution was to visit the admin page System > Configuration and Reindex the Data for Product Prices. Fine, but I can’t tell my client to log into his admin every morning and clear his indices.

Create cron jobs

Instead, I created some cron jobs to clear the indices and cache storage every night at midnight.

Reindex all Magento indices

Create one cron using the following command:

php /home/path/to/magento/shell/indexer.php reindexall

Clear all cache

To clear all Magento cache, we will need to create a script file that deletes everything in /var/cache/.

  1. Create a file called in the directory one level above public_html (so it’s not publicly accessible)
  2. Put the following lines into that file:
     #!/bin/bash rm -rf /home/path/to/magento/public_html/var/cache/*
  3. Edit the path to your Magento installation and /var/cache/ directory as necessary.
  4. Create the cron job using the following command:
bash -s < /home/path/to/
4 replies
  1. mantel
    mantel says:

    i have a website in magento and when the sales end the sale price still appears in the home page but not in the article itself could you help me

  2. Günther Bosch
    Günther Bosch says:

    question: How does that …
    bash -s < /home/path/to/
    … create a cron job?
    Don't you mean crontab -s?

    • Jason Cross
      Jason Cross says:

      @Günther – I should have elaborated on this article. My terminology refers to how this was done within cPanel. There is a very nice “cron job builder” interface that let’s you call a file to run as often as you like.


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