Phonebooks are dead; your business needs a website

Deprecated phonebooks

Increase your searchability

Your potential customers are not using phone books to find your business anymore. The truth is, most people are searching for local businesses on their computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. in search engines and online directory listings. Without a website, your business goes unnoticed; you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, right?

Searching for businesses online

Specific search terms help people narrow down search results quickly. People are searching for local businesses by incorporating their city, parish, state, etc. in the search phrase. Also, search engines like Google are becoming smarter and more aware of a user’s geographical location, allowing them to show relevant local results.

Benefits of having a website

Save time and money

A website acts as a 24/7 sales force offering information about your goods and services. Potential customers can browse your site day or night and find what they need without having to repeatedly call with the same questions; this allows you and your staff to focus more on customer satisfaction.

Get noticed

Websites allow your business to get associated with keywords and phrases that your potential customers are already searching for. This is huge! This is the most effective means of advertising because you are targeting people who are actively trying to find your business – they just don’t know your name yet. Help these people find your company by getting a website design from Immense Networks today.


A website adds credibility to your brand. Nowadays, consumers expect, even demand, that your business have a reputable website. They want to view it on their laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It shows that you are up-with-the-times and willing to take the extra step to help your customers.