Problems with Paste from Word in TinyMCE WYSIWYG for WordPress

If you have been having this issue with the Paste from Word feature in TinyMCE (and other WYSIWYG editors) for WordPress (and other CMSs), it could be the Style Set you’re using in Microsoft Word.

The Problem: Unexpected results

I love using the Paste from Word feature for marking up text with proper tags like p, h2, a, li, etc. But the default style set will attach inline styles for color and font-size, and I don’t want that! I want my stylesheet to control the visual effects and just let Word add the markup tags.

The Fix: Use this style set

I have made a style set that has been working well for me. Upload this Word style set for markup to the following directory:


Note, this was made in Word 2010 – may or may not work in previous versions.

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