mobile-friendly business collaboration

Five mobile-friendly tips for greater business collaboration

In the modern workplace, it’s vital to enable business collaboration among your employees. Mobile collaboration can lead to increased efficiency, employee happiness, and massive savings of both money and time. Here are five mobile-friendly ways to make it happen.
mobile security tips

4 tips to keep your mobile devices more secure

Online scams that target mobile devices have become more popular in recent years. You can protect yourself and your mobile device from online scams, eavesdropping and malware by following these four mobile security tips. It only takes a little effort to protect yourself from data and identity theft.

Mobile device management: Your 7-part checklist to safer mobility

Businesses are more mobile than ever before — but each phone, tablet, or smart device represents a potential vulnerability. Mobile device management is essential for keeping any company safe and secure. Here we present a seven-part checklist to help you implement MDM in your business.