Your guide to big data, business intelligence and the modern business

It’s been said that big data is like the new oil boom. Which means that companies who learn how to best refine and apply the lessons derived from the business intelligence data they collect today will almost certainly be tomorrow’s industry leaders. The right data is an enormous advantage.
Artificial intelligence predictions

3 AI predictions for the near future (and how they'll shape your work)

Whether you’re talking with an automated bot to pay your insurance bill or finding your way around town, AI continues...
Worker Analyzing Data on a Monitor.

4 ways companies use big data to make smarter decisions

Companies use big data to quickly make strategic business decisions. Take a look at how companies like Netflix and Target make this work.
workflow automation examples

5 workflow automation examples that make life easier

Here are 5 workflow automation examples that can improve your company's day-to-day processes, save time, and promote error-free tasks.

3 jobs robots (or robot-like technology) will take from humans

Many people are frightened that robots will one day replace humans in the workforce. And that’s actually not too far from reality.
workflow automation

3 reasons workflow automation benefits the individual

Workflow automation benefits the individual in more ways than one. Check out this quick list to discover what the impact can be.

Connect People and Processes with Workflow Automation

Workflow automation refers to the series of automated steps to streamline your business process. Find out the many ways it can help your business.