How to update CKEditor in OpenCart

OpenCart using outdated CKEditor

For some reason, the current version of OpenCart ( is still using an old version of CKEditor (3.0.1) in the admin interface, though the current version is up to 3.6. While the old CKEditor still works fine as a WYSIWYG, I need to give my clients an easier way to manage their content in the CMS; this means I need a paste from Word feature.


I need the Paste from Microsoft Word feature

It is infinitely easier to explain site hierarchy and per-page SEO (with respect to Headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc.) in Microsoft Word than it is to run through an HTML lesson.
Microsoft Word section headers
A simple way to allow this is to upgrade the included CKEditor to the latest version (currently 3.6), which includes Paste from Word and a number of other features.

How to upgrade CKEditor in OpenCart

Download the latest CKEditor

Grab the latest CKEditor from their website.


Rename old ckeditor directory

Navigate to /public_html/admin/view/javascript/ and rename your ckeditor directory to something else, such as ckeditor-old.

Unzip and upload new version

Unzip the new CKEditor and grab the directory ckeditor to /public_html/admin/view/javascript/

Enjoy the latest CKEditor

It’s as simple as that. Refresh your admin page to see a ton more options in your WYSIWYG, including a Paste from Word feature.

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  1. Saad
    Saad says:

    And you saved my life here! My default editor broke, and the font werent showing! I was pretty sure my client would have delayed the payment, she loves them colors lol.

    Thanks. Cheers mate!


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