WBRZ job growth in Baton Rouge

Immense Networks featured in a WBRZ news story.

It’s one of the focuses for President Barack Obama’s second State of the Union Address, but what about jobs in Baton Rouge?

Healthcare, information technologies, and film top the list of expected industries to grow, according to an economic outlook report by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Chamber president Adam Knapp said the outlook for area jobs in 2011 is good.

“We’re actually poised to be in a great position given that the national recession has hit other places so much harder that it has hit here,” said Knapp.

One of the sectors growing the most is healthcare. A brand new medical complex in Livingston parish is evidence.

“The health system is adding 100 new jobs to this area with a 4.4 million dollar payroll and an estimated economic impact of 13.2 million dollars cycling through the community,” said North Oaks Health Systems spokesperson Melanie Zaffuto.

The plan for the North Oaks medical complex is to add 200 more jobs.

Also growing in the community is the need for professional and technical services like information technologies. President of Immense Network, Bret Esquivel calls the industry is a big fish in a little pond. The 25 year old started his business six years ago and finds it hard to meet the demand.

“We have doubled every year for the past four years, in revenue and in employees,” said Esquivel.

The work load has him looking for help, If you’re not qualified there, what about film? Baton Rouge is sometimes nick named the Hollywood of the south, with tax incentives making the state big bucks.

WAFB jobs growth

“You’re looking at about 1.4 billion with a b. So, it’s come a long way in a hurry. Now, all that money is not spent in the state, but as much as $850 million of it could be spent in the state of Louisiana,” said director of studio operations at Celtic Media Center, Patrick Mulhearn.

Which in turn means jobs not only in production but also in support

“Anything that has to do with the film industry, weather it’s housing, or transportation all of the little things that go into helping a small army when it’s in town,” said

So, no matter what you do, if you’re looking for work, there’s a spot in one of these industries in 2011 for you. According to the Baton Rouge area chambers outlook for 2011, the capital region will see anywhere from a one percent to two percent growth.

This article originally posted on the WBRZ website.

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