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4 ways you can learn to code for free

Millions of people all over the world now have the opportunity to learn to code for free. But it’s not just free; it’s also incredibly easy to access. Here are four ways you can learn to code for free.

Improve business processes and your team will benefit in 5 major ways

A good process can go a long way. Whether it’s customer service, product development, or time and budget constraints, processes help maintain the overall consistency of operations. But where processes can really make a difference is with internal staff. Improve business processes and establish good working habits and your team can benefit in more ways […]

5 quick tips to help you create strong passwords

Passwords are important. Everyone gets that. But, unfortunately, not everyone is doing what they should be doing to create strong passwords — which means private conversations are read, data is taken, and identities are stolen. None of which is entirely pleasant. So in the spirit of not encountering a less-than-ideal online circumstance, here are five […]

3 key areas technology fuels business growth

In a way, you could say that technology fuels business growth. Without it, a business will struggle to get very far. In fact, it might struggle to get anywhere at all (which is obviously a no-go). But why exactly is this? What about a business does technology have the most impact on and why is […]

ImmyBot: The IT maintenance tool your business needs

At Immense Networks, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the technology our clients use. In an effort to deliver fast, consistent experiences across all your workstations, we developed ImmyBot. We’ve hand-built this tool in-house from the ground up, and it’s like nothing any company has seen before. Here’s what it can […]

What is an IT Consultant?

An IT Consultant might seem like a far-off concept to you, and that’s entirely understandable. Most small to medium-sized businesses haven’t had the opportunity to partner with an IT Consultant yet (mostly because they aren’t aware of the benefits). This being said, what is an IT Consultant, and what can one do for your business? […]