Connect People and Processes with Workflow Automation

Every business deals with their own unique workflow. Your business workflow refers to the sequence of processes in which work passes through from start to finish.

Optimizing and streamlining this process plays a pertinent role when it comes to your organization’s overall performance. Improving your workflow automation can minimize errors and inefficiencies, enhance productivity, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Rather than relying on manual steps in your workflow structure, workflow automation allows you to transform your existing business activities from inefficient and outdated to digital and automated.

What Exactly is Workflow Automation?

In a nutshell, workflow automation refers to the series of automated steps to streamline your business process. Let’s use an example of a new employee hire process since almost every business deals with new hires of some sort:

Here are the basic steps that take place during a new hire process:

First, the candidate is interviewed. If he or she passes the interview, then human resources (HR) is notified.

Next, an HR representative may send out a drug screening/background check for the new hire.

Lastly, the new hire will be sent an offer letter. Once the job has been accepted, IT and admin staff will have to set up a new workspace for the new hire.

Throughout this process, all of the steps listed above must happen in a sequence in order for everything to fall into place cohesively and efficiently. So how does workflow automation come into play?

Workflow automation allows you to assign specific steps and roles to the appropriate employee and automatically manage the process. For instance, the system would automatically notify staff of their tasks to make sure each task is completed on time. Once the task has been completed, the system would automatically notify the next person down the chain that they’re up for the next task (along with any pertinent information required for that person to complete their role).

Reasons to Adopt Workflow Automation

According to incovo, over 83% of business process owners believe that improving customer-facing document processes will increase revenue by 10.1%. This growth can be achieved with a workflow automation solution that can improve customer communications, streamline the customer experience, and improve customer service/support.

Here are more reasons to adopt a workflow automation solution:

1. Reduce Margin of Error

With the right workflow automation solution, your business can eliminate all manual and human error that could cost you precious time, money, and resources. By notifying you of late actions, overlooked tasks, non-approvals, and more – a workflow automation system greatly reduces the margin of error while speeding up the business process.

2. Improve Business Communications

Employees no longer need to manually send out notifications for when their task is complete and ready for the next person in the queue. All notifications and status updates are managed automatically to keep all members informed at any given time.

3. Enable Greater Employee Success

By eliminating repetitive, manual processes – a workflow automation solution sets employees up for success. It allows them to focus on more important tasks, which results in higher employee morale, team collaboration, and innovation.

Let’s Get Together

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